Re: Gum Chemicals - starting out question

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/08/04-03:38:13 PM Z
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On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Katharine Thayer wrote:

> Perhaps I'm assuming too much in assuming that the B&S kit contains
> their best gum; you should probably ask just to be sure, because they do
> also carry a lower grade of gum, or did last time I looked.
> kt

I'm curious about this concept of "best gum." Over the years I've tested
probably 10 different gums... my finding was that, although one or two of
them were unusable (gums formulated for etching which have a lethal
ingredient, apparently), of the others, some "worked" wonderfully with
certain colors (usually brand specific) and some not, but better with
different brands or pigments, etc. etc. and/or with particular water.

While it's possible that, for instance B&S's "best gum" might be best for
Dwayne, it's equally possible that some other would be. (I note that that
old Photog Formulary gum that Katharine liked so well was bad here, and a
printers' supply house cheapest lithographers gum was my best). It seems
IME to be the *combination* of paint, paper, pigment & gum + water that
decides, which may be what gives gum its reputation as spooky. ("It worked
for Omar but doesn't work for me.") Otherwise gum is pretty basic.

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