Re: Gum Chemicals - starting out question

From: Kerik ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/08/04-09:45:56 AM Z
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I don't know what is included in the B&S kit, but I have been VERY happy
with the quality of the gum arabic that they sell. Dichromates (I usually
use ammonium dichromate) you can get from several suppliers, so shop
around for the best price. The only other chems you'll need are gelatin
for sizing and something to clear the dichromate, both of which are very
inexpensive. I use potassium metabisulfite for the clearing step.

As for paper, I'd recommend Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Press (140
gms) as a good place to start.

Good luck,
Kerik Kouklis

> I am mainly interested in the raw chemicals in each kit, is there a
> difference in quality or some other intangible? or am I better off to
> pick up the chemicals seperately? The paper and pigments aren't as much
> of a concern as the chemicals, as I am a failed painter from my
> university days :-)
> Thanks,
> Dwayne
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