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Date: 09/08/04-08:11:45 AM Z
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Subject: Re: PVA for gum printing
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 14:08:21 +0200

> Thanks for that information! On their website
> ( they say:
> " Dura-Lar combines the best features of acetate and mylar to give you the
> optimal performing film. Perfect for layouts, color separations, protective
> covering, drafting and drawings." Which film would be pre-subbed with
> gelatin?

The ones that are pre-subbed are marked "prepared" or "gel coated"...
I used to find them on their standard products list but now you might
have to ask them for sizes etc.

I've used more usual Dura-lar, matte surface for various applications
like making signage and desktop objects. It's not gelatin but
something is coated on surface of polyester to make the toner or ink
stay (no experience with inkjets - I don't have any inkjet
printer). This coating comes of easily when adhesive tape is applied
and peeled off. Gelatin doesn't adhere very well onto the matte ones.

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