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Your dag type is gorgeous!! I love that bluish look. Thank you for the

I am going to try to take the 5 day class but I think I just missed it.

Do you know how I can get ahold of Mike Robinson about his workshop?

On Sep 6, 2004, at 7:30 PM, Gregory Popovitch wrote:

> Hi Brigitte,
> There are a few people making daguerreotypes now. Many are member of
> the Daguerrean society ( which meets once a yearin
> november, and I would encourage you to become a member. Charlie
> Schreiner has a web site ( wich is a good starting
> point, but of course taking a workshop will save you a lot of time
> (Jerry Spagnoli does 5 day workshops at Photographer's Formulary, and
> Mike Robinson does one day workshops once a year). The old manuals
> (Humphrey, etc...) are useful as well.
> The daguerreotype process is very fickle, and it takes a strong
> motivation to get started... as you will see there are a lot of things
> you will need to do before making your first dag, and when you get
> there it may be a while before you get an acceptable image on your
> silver plate. But the rewards are great as well! I am not an expert
> myself, having started about a year ago, but if you are curious you
> can see a whole plate daguerreotype I made today at:
> The blue hilights are
> natural, and are due to solarisation.
> I wish you the best of luck,
> gregory
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> Hello,
> I 'm new to this list. I am trying to learn how to make
> Daguerre-o-types and was wondering if anyone here knows how, or can
> let me know the best way to get started.
> Unfortunately there are no workshops in the Los Angeles area where I
> live. but I think I will travel to find one.
> Thank you,
> Brigitte
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