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Date: 09/06/04-08:54:29 AM Z
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Wow! This is stealing... horrible prices!..

I was considering Turkey being one of the most expensive countries for
telecommunication services... well, clearly I was wrong... You made me
feel better(!) because I pay "only" $45 per month for a 256K aDSL line
in my location. Of course I find even $45 very high because I leave in a
country with a GDP per capita of around $3383!!! (in 2003)...

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> Bob Kiss wrote:
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> >     Barbados has recently introduced DSL for a mere few hundred
> > dollars hook up and only $120 U.S. per month usage fee.  If I am 
> > right, that is FOUR TIMES what most of you are paying for
> it!  It is
> > only available in a few parishes near our capitol,
> Bridgetown, not out
> > here on the east coast in St. Philip, where I live.
> Well, I don't know what the people on the list who have DSL
> are paying for it, but I assure you that out here in the
> hinterlands, it's not anything like $30 a month. $30 a month,
> I might even consider, but it's closer to $100 here.
> Katharine Thayer
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