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    Barbados has recently introduced DSL for a mere few hundred dollars hook
up and only $120 U.S. per month usage fee. If I am right, that is FOUR
TIMES what most of you are paying for it! It is only available in a few
parishes near our capitol, Bridgetown, not out here on the east coast in St.
Philip, where I live. Gee, I feel silly that I am spending money on film,
paper, platinum & palladium salts and other things TO MAKE PHOTOGRAPHS
rather than saving my pennies to get this overpriced service when our ISP
finally decides to honor us with its presence in St. Philip. Am I being too
sarcastic? Don't be facetious!
    I think Gordon has made it clear. There are rules and they are in place
for logical reasons. We agreed to them when we signed up. Let's stick to
            Ivan the Terrible (hurricane) is on its way with 135 mph winds.
Let's see if I even have dial up by Wednesday!!!
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  If nothing else, sending large attachments generates literally hundreds of
reply emails (like this one.) If we continue at this rate, the name of the
list will have to be changed to "55minute-L" or something.

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