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Dear List,

I interrupt the reading of offers to enlarge my penis, foil bill
collectors and let me in on a secret deal in Nigeria, to speak up for
metaphor. I did not, I admit, expect my reference to lemmings to unleash
the hounds of science, any more than I expect the police to arrive with
guns drawn when I say my feet are killing me.

However I have greatly enjoyed the expatiation and in thanks offer this
sentence from my trusty 1970 World Book Encyclopedia:

QUOTE: [The lemming is] a plump little animal related to the mouse...The
best known kind lives in Scandinavia. Every few years, according to
legend, great numbers of lemmings march to the sea and drown themselves.
However, scientists no longer believe this. The animals do move away from
their mountain homes because of crowding caused by increases in the number
of lemmings. But few ever get as far as the sea. Most of them die of
starvation or are killed by other animals.... END QUOTE

Add your own moral...

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