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Yes, I never saw it, dealt with it or otherwise had it impact me. I do,
however, remember the early days of the list, while I was living in Taos.
Large files were a real pain. If you feel you must post access to an image
or information, please just post it on your personal web space and provide a
link. Big city, small towns, dial up or DSL can all deal with link in plain

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> On September 4, 2004 4:33 am, Katharine Thayer wrote:
> > Sandy, I didn't say that people who use broadband are elitists. What I
> > said was that listmembers who say that everyone on the list should use
> > broadband are elitists. There's a difference.
> The funny thing about these discussions is that locally the people least
> likely to have seen the offending message are those with broadband. To the
> best of my knowledge none of the local DSL or cable systems allow messages
> of
> that size. Why? The combination of broadband and a virus is a pretty good
> way
> to bring everything to a stop. The dialup ISPs are more liberal in
> allowing
> large files because the damage a dialup account can do is so much lower.
> Nick
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