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Date: 09/04/04-02:33:52 AM Z
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Sandy, I didn't say that people who use broadband are elitists. What I
said was that listmembers who say that everyone on the list should use
broadband are elitists. There's a difference.

I think perhaps my point about the statistics may have got lost. The
person who posted the press release with the statistics on the increase
in broadband used it to prove that people are shifting to broadband in
droves, and I simply pointed out, using the numbers in the press
release, that actually less than half of the heralded surge in broadband
is due to people shifting from narrowband. And yes, someone sent me the
post that I had lost, so now I can say with confidence that I was
remembering the numbers right.

I think my point has got distorted somehow. I've never argued that
people shouldn't buy broadband, if they want it. I'm only saying that
this is a worldwide list and should be open to all regardless of what
kind of ISP service they choose to purchase, and that those who happen
to have broadband should not be allowed to drive list policy in a way
that would exclude people who don't have access to, or don't care to
purchase, these services.

Katharine Thayer
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