RE: selenium in powder

From: Jonathan Bailey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/04/04-06:37:03 AM Z
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I bought some from Dick Sullivan a few years back. I've never used it,
actually: scary stuff in powder form. Plus, near boiling water to get it to
dissolve, etc.... I stored it in *two* airtight containers, one inside the

I have no idea if Dick still sells it, or if he ships overseas. (Is he on
the list?? I'm just resubscribed after a summer-long absence...)

Also, Artcraft Chemicals (Near Albany, NY) may well be helpful. He's very
service oriented.



Judy wrote:
> I have an e-mail from a P-F subscriber who's trying to buy some selenium
in powder form. First Reaction hasn't replied to his inquiries (he's in
Australia). I have other catalogs (like Tri-Ess), at least some of which
did at one time sell selenium powder, but those are old now, and this is
the 21st century !

> So I offered to "ask the list." Has anyone bought selenium powder lately?
> Any suggestions?
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