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Date: 09/03/04-09:33:56 PM Z
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Yes, gum over platinum dates from the beginning
of the last century and I have seen quite a
number of vintage prints from that period. And
all of the ones I have seen were rather dull and
flat. By contrast the work of some of the
contemporary photographers doing gum over
platinum has a glow and luminosity not present in
the vintage prints, at least not in the ones that
I have seen. By contemporary workers I mean the
Melvin/Kouklis/Harmon gang.

For a good idea of how this bandits are working
the process see Clay's article at

Plus ša change, plus ša šhange, as some pervert the saying.

Sandy King

>It was being done approximately 100 years ago. There's plenty of work out
>I've never done it so I have no helpful advice. Isn't the usual procedure
>gum over platinum?
>Dave in Wyoming
>> Is anyone on the list currently printing, or has anyone ever printed
>> platinum/palladium over gum? I'm fairly experienced with Pt/Pd, and I'd
>> like to start working in gum to shake things up a little bit. The few
>> platinum over gum prints I've seen seemed to bring out the best of both
>> processes, so that seemed like the next logical step (after I experiment
>> with gum printing on its own, first).
>> BTW, I apologize for this off-topic posting to the new "Attachments vs. No
>> Attachments" Mailinglist. =8^P
>> -Schuyler Grace
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