What is the "best" ink for alt photo process dig.negs ?

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Last month there was an interesting discussion about printers and inks for
alt photo dig.negs.
But this discussion was also confusing and sometimes puzzling for me.
My summary from all these articles: the max.UV density you can reach on a
transparant (Pictorico,Agfa CopyJet,Ultrafine Crystal Clear Transparancy
etc.) is the most important fact for printing good alt photo dig.negs.
So my question is : what is "the best" ( = a really good) ink for this negs
(I still have to buy a printer for alt photo process dig.negs.My scanner is
an A-4 single pass flatbed scanner with an optical resolution of 1200 x 2400
dpi ; 48 bit true coler ; 12 bit gray ; USB 2.0 high speed ; Aldi Medion ~70
I make an enlargement (A4) from a 24 x 36 mm neg.Scan this
enlargement,invert this scan and then.....
then I need the right printer with the right ink to make an alt photo neg.)
Sandy King wrote on the 21st of July ("Epson 2200 or Canon i9900") that he
found the UV absorption of the (black ?) Canon inks was very,very low.
Are there alternative inks with a high(er) UV absorption/reflection ?
Are there data about Canon and/or Epson inks with regard to UV Dmax ?
The same question about MIS Ultratone 2 respectively 7 (Don
Bryant),Piezotone Quadblack (Loris Medici) or Photonic inks (Rocky

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