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Date: 09/03/04-03:53:40 PM Z
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> But, looking at the actual test strips, I don't see this smooth shift in
> tones on both ends. It appears empirically that the lower steps are
> shifting upward faster than the higher Theoretically, that shouldn't
> happen based on the numbers we've both been playing with.

Yes, if that is what you have been saying, then I must have misunderstood
you, and I apologize for that. From what I have read, I thought you meant
that the change in scale is *theoretically* explanable with
densitometry/exposure, but that's not true because theoretically the scale
should be the same except that the whole scale would be shifted up or down.

> Maybe the upper values are just more fragile and are washing away during
> processing so it appears the low steps are creeping up at a faster rate.

Maybe. That's what I meant too when I said that the problem (or the
empirical discrepency) must be attributed to different reasons rather than
to exposure.

Dave S
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