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Identical. They were coated and dried at the same time. Then cut and the exposure for all three started at the same time. I pulled them from the machine at 250 unit intervals rather than adding to the machine sequentially. The difference would be between exposing and processing, not coating and exposure.

I am taking your suggestion and reversing the order by adding them to the machine rather than pulling them out at a certain interval on a second test. Also air-drying a third set rather than force drying using a hair dryer. We'll see if it makes any difference.

I also ran a test this morning where I processed a strip given 250 units immediately after exposure. A second 250 strip was processed after sitting around for a half hour before exposing it.

Another test I'm running involves a different paper. From what I can see on the drying test print, the exposure scale is shorter being more contrasty (10 steps with 3 merged on the low end when given 250 units).


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Length of time between coating and exposure...

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> I did time one 250 unit exposure cycle and the duration was 13 minutes.* I
> don't see how changing the drying procedure would affect the outcome because
> the entire sheet was coated and dried before being cut into strips and
> exposed.

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