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That's what is sort of baffling.... two steps is equal to a full stop, or
doubling the exposure. So you should go up 2 steps when you double the time
from 250 units to 500 units....and that is indeed what happened. However, you
reported that you got two more steps merging when you went from 500 to 750
units..... that should have only happened if you doubled the time from 500 units to
1000 units.

Mark Nelson

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> Yes.  You have it right as far as the mergers are concerned but I don't
> follow you on the question about 2 additional steps merging at 750 units.  No
> steps merge at 250.  Three steps merge at 500 which indicates the low end was
> pushed up the scale 2 steps as an additional 250 units was given.  The same
> thing happened as the exposure was further increased by 250 units to 750, i.e.,
> the low end was pushed up the scale another 2 steps.  This is also showing in
> how many steps solarized initially.  The highest solarized steps were 6, 8,
> and 10 for the 250, 500, and 750 unit exposures, respectively.  The low steps
> are acting in a consistent manner gaining 2 steps with each additional 250
> unit exposure.  It is the high end that is behaving strangely showing a
> decrease in the rate that the tones print as exposure is increased.
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