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Re: RE: Traveling Portfoliio CheersHi Jim, I never really think too much about the process unless it is performed poorly- I do like your image of the meters; so you are doing fine for someone just starting... keep up the good work!
  Always, Susan
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    thanks. i appreciate the feedback, positive as well as helpful critisicm. I prefer it much more than the "hey that's great" that friends and family give. no other way to grow than with a critical eye. i'm checking to see if some feathering improves it.


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    I also like it. Beauty is in the eye ... etc.

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> Thanks for taking the time on commenting. The buttons is actually red.
> Everything in the cement factory is covered in a fine gray dust, so what
> you're seeing is the red thru the dust. The actual photograph that was
> used for this image is :
> Neither the colors, nor their placement in these prints have been made
> up.. and if anything, they are less saturated than the actual colors
> (the result of having pigments laid down on uncoated watercolor paper).
> I guess it's a matter of where someone is coming from. Most color
> photographers object to the colors because they are too mute, b/w
> photographers because they too vivid :^)
> I guess the bottom line is they satisfy me, and I sell a lot of them :^)
> Thanks for looking at my images. I've only been doing alt-processes for
> about 8 months (ciba and b/w fiber for about 20 yrs though).
> jim
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> Jim Collun - Hope I spelled that correctly, my hand
> writing is terrible. Platinum over Pigment is interesting but I found
> the colors too intense. The scene with the pipes and guard rails worked
> better then the Red Button which is actually pink. Why not a pink
> button, I asked? The button looked like a pasted on sticker. Perhaps if
> the edges were feathered or the tones were more muted it would have
> pleased me more. Little more finesse would help but we agreed that we
> could all feel the dust or powder. The broad range of gray tones was
> wonderful and well executed. I'll need to try the Pigment over some day.

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