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I have about twenty seconds to spare, so why not add to this flap?

Like Sandy, I too teach and due to those constant pesky student emails
and their learning needs, which include several online supplements to
classes, I've been "forced" to upgrade my at home system to broadband.
My wife teaches three online classes, so sharing a single dialup
account was impossible. No university help here either, but I spend
less time waiting for downloads and sending somewhat "big" (by
Internet standards) files. It is an investment in my time and sanity.
I can't believe others can't perceive the relevant connection to
speeding up a "process."

... of all places, I thought this would be a more universally shared

Darryl B.

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Judy Seigel wrote:

>If Katharine, Rich, et al, hadn't pretty well covered the topic,
>Gord has added the coup(s) de grace. But I am feeling reckless
>enough to note that Sandy's e-mail address is Need I
>say more? OK, since you insist: Some folks lack a tax-exempt public
>university as service provider.


Thank you for your concern about my financial situation but as it
happens I pay for my own broad band service at home with a cable
modem service. The university where I teach does not support this
expense in any way.

Need you say more? I don't think so.


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