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From: Samuel Greene ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/01/04-10:44:32 PM Z
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Many apologies

from Me to all of you whose systems did not cope. I
only rejoined last night after being away for months
as I have been ill and was left with not knowing who
to contact. I was trying to get hold of Kate or Jon
but had no luck finding their addresses , had no idea
the attachment would be a problem. So sorry again.

Actually my server here only took 10 seconds or so
too, but it previews and gives me the option to open.
More frustrating to me is when someone replies with th
eentire message attched that they replied to then the
next three people do the same.

And to the off list posters you are why I left in the
first place...and no my mother is dead and
consequently unable to partake in any such thing. What
a rude over reaction.

Thank you to Kate, I had no idea Polly did these. I
should have thought of her but had not seen her ob the
list for a long time.

I will try to find her off the list.

Thank you to those who understood an old man's errors.

Samuel Greene

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