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It would be easier for me to understand if you also told how many steps
showed tone and how many steps were merged. Also, it would be easier if you had
done 250, 500, 1000 units—or doubled the exposure each time. I am assuming you
are using a 21 step tablet?

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> When the strips dried, the exposure scales appear to be different, not
> just shifted between steps as exposure increased.  (The strips did show
> a shift in position towards higher steps as exposure increased.) The 250
> strip had tones covering 1.63 density units, the 500 was 1.45, and the
> 750 was 1.31.  The density figures are transmission densities of the
> step wedges as measured on an X-rite 301 densitometer and the printed
> densities were judged visually.
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