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This just came my way:

Ilford set to split UK and Swiss businesses
Ilford Imaging, weighed down by more than 40 million of debt, asked
accountancy firm Grant Thornton to oversee its sale. The group will likely
separate its two businesses: the UK black-and-white films and photographic
paper division, and the Swiss inkjet printing business.
Ilford Imaging USA Inc. is continuing business as usual, President Ward
Phillips said. "We are taking every action and precaution to maintain
ongoing operations with our customers. At the same time, behind the scenes,
we will be working with our related companies in the Ilford group to improve
its performance," he said.
Communications Manager Wendy Erickson said the U.S. firm is solvent, and
plans to go forward with its photokina exhibit, and booth in PMA 2005.
Ilford USA feels confident of its Swiss supply, and markets some things from
outside sources. Photo paper and related supplies are probably dependent on
the UK parent company finding a buyer, Erickson said.


On 8/28/04 6:10 PM, "Susan Huber" <> wrote:

> Hi Robert, I am very upset too- it is my fav. of all LF films!
> I found out that Ilford is doing well in Canada (where I live) but due to
> the weak US dollar and sales in USA, the film wasn't doing well- this is
> acc. to my supplier.
> Their inkjet business is one of the best divisions and the supplier believes
> that Ilford would do better to increase the amount asked for film (value it
> more realistically and cut divisions more) and it will be in production
> again.
> Susan.
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>> Is is a done deal? Is Ilford really out of the film business?
>> They have been a good source for large format film. How will
>> we shoot big and/or make enlarged negatives? Somebody please
>> calm me down a little!
>> Robert Newcomb
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>>>> I am shocked-yesterday- Ilford had quit the film business!
>>>> I blame all the bottom liners!
>>>> What is one to to do?
>>>> Susan
>>> It is less 'what is ONE to do, but what about the MANY?' The
>> simple
>>> solution is buy more film and paper.
>>> How many of you plan to actually Make your editions of 20 or
>> 45, or whatever
>>> you claim as your edition?
>>> Now you see what the price of a photograph can become.
>>> Buy enough and your company will remain in business.
>>> I gave up on Agfa for Luminos Artos, myself.
>>> S.
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