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       Try three or four millilitres of Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner in one
liter of water. You wouldn't think it would have much effect, but it tones
very nicely, giving a warm chocolate brown, and also reduces the print

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Hi Don,

What is your procedure for toning double-coated-sligtly-overexposed
Vandykes? I happen to have one meeting that criteria - I always double
coat... but of couse don't always overexpose ;) - and would like to try
selenium toning because I'm concerned with the longevity of my Vandyke
prints... I once tried to tone Vandykes in Selenium as described in W.
White's article in Unblinkingeye (diluted 1:200, but with water - not 2%
Sodium Sulfite)... It gave me a not-so-pleasing yellowish/brown tone
because I more prefer a reddish/brown print. Toning with gold works for
me (if the toner is fresh) but I would rather prefer something ready
made (like selenium) which gives a warmer hue compared to gold.

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