color accuracy in gum bichromate

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/31/04-10:14:51 PM Z
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This is the most "accurate" color in gum bichromate that I'm aware of.
However, the website states that Livick uses three color-separated
negatives, red, blue, and *yellow*, not RGB or CMY or CMYK to obtain his
results. Maybe that's a typo or a misquote by the author of the
article. Maybe it is accurate. Anyways:

Awesome technical expertise IMO but quite lacking in fun as I understand
his method. Somehow applying the toxic dichromate emulsion using an
airbrush and respirator/moonsuit isn't very appealing to me regardless
of the results.

One of the charming features of gum printing is the endless variety of
effects obtainable with the process. Accuracy is not required. Nor is
endless discussion over trivial points, or pointless discussion over
endless trivialities. Having said that, I think I'll let y'all discuss
supposedly proper method if you care to while I go make some
interpretive gum prints.


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