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Look into the Getty center. The conservation lab is world class, and the
photography collection puts on some of the strongest shows.

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> I am not qualified to answer the question but I believe help can be
> from the NYU Institute of Fine Arts with its exellent
> conservation/restoration program, or Print/Photography section of The
> Metropolitan Museum of Art are two suggestions of a larger list. Joachim
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> Hi:
> I received this query. Can anyone suggest anything?
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> Dear Gordon J. Holtslander,
> My name is Josep Ribas Prous and I am at the moment organizing some
> photography collections to exhibit them and open a museum in a near
> future. We have now a problem with a collection of very old valuable
> ferrotypes. They were in a real good state but somebody covered them with
> plastic...When we knew about it, it was too late since we found that all
> ferrotypes had been damaged. The problem we have is that all have a sticky
> film on them.
> We were looking at your pages which collect very interesting messages on
> various photography topics and we though that maybe you could help us or
> we could post a message asking for help to solve this problem, or whether
> somebody could advise us an emulsion formula to restore ferrotypes or a
> procedure how to clean them
> Thank you very much in advance for your help.
> Best regards,
> Josep M. Ribas Prous
> MFIAP, ESFIAP, President AFR
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