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From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/30/04-01:13:38 PM Z
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I haven't done actual tests, but cyans I did many (15?) years ago and
(like you didn't know better) matted with buffered board are doing
fine. I would question the paper you used before the mat board. Was the
paper buffered? Also I would question how well the prints were
washed/developed. Not to say that cyans on buffered board is a good
idea (it isn't), just that other problems are more likely.

Cyans are nicely archival if stored/exhibited correctly. Direct
sunlight will fade them. If they are in a window, you will have
problems. It has been "said" that storing a LIGHT (not chemical) faded
cyan in absolute darkness for a few days/weeks will return it to a
normal state. I have not tried this.

In my experience you really have to abuse a cyan (on good paper and
well washed) to get fading. Really bright direct sunlight for example.
I just removed one of those old (15 year?) buffered mat cyans from my
hallway. It had hung about 3 feet from an east facing large window with
diffused glass for about a year. Two cyan "no-nos", buffered board and
near a window. No apparent fading :-)

On Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 11:45 AM, Anne van Leeuwen & Peter
Hoffman wrote:

> I have some cyanotype artwork with an agent. There seems to be some
> fading going on. The work IS mounted on good buffered matboard (after
> reading this list I know NOT to do this again). Will this work last
> for 25 years or so, I am wondering what to do.
> Just how damaging is the buffered matboard to a cyanotype piece?
> I've received some good help from a couple a members of this list but
> am wondering about more responses.
> Thanks.
Tom Ferguson
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