gum prints from digital color sepations. (Since the topic has been brought up)

From: Carmen Lizardo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/29/04-06:44:04 PM Z
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Dear List,

I've been trying to make gum prints from color
separations done in Photoshop, but I only got a
satisfactory print after 10 layers of colors. I
started with a cyanotype as my first color and then
used Smiincke ruby red and Grumbacher cadmium yellow
light. After, I used Winsor ultramarine blue mixed
with the Grumbacher cadmium yellow light, next I
applied the ruby red again and fallow by several
layers of Payneís gray and neutral tint (mixed
interchangeably with blue and red). The print looks
beautiful, although the colors donít match the
original. But I was wondering if there is an easer way
(less layers) of making a color separated gum print.

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