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5-6 years ago my wife and took a workshop with Sheryl
Jaffe who lives in Massachusetts. The topic was
"Alternative Processes on Handmade Paper". Since my
wife is a paper maker and I am a photographer we
naively decided this sounded like fun-it was, and it
is still a lot of fun. And it is not that hard. We
made several types of paper-cotton, abaca and a blend,
used pulp beat for different lengths of time, and made
cyanotypes, Van dyke Browns, and gum bichromate
prints. This we do with varying degress of success. We
are still learning about the paper and what
characteristics work best, what looks good-some one
said not all images look good on rougher handmade
paper, and that's sure the truth. Keeping the image
small and handling it with care are important we
think. Look for Sheryl Jaffe's work.
--- Dennis Moser <> wrote:

> Sorry, but that should have read "Handmade paper
> ISN'T just one kind or
> quality of paper"!!!
> Dennis Moser wrote:
> > Tom Ferguson's earlier reply encompassed the
> possibilities of The Truth
> > about the use of "handmade paper" quite nicely...
> >
> > Handmade paper is just one kind or quality of
> paper, so it is important
> > to remember the structural needs/requirements for
> any paper being used
> > in a photographic process, alternative or
> otherwise.
> >
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> Dennis
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