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Tom Ferguson's earlier reply encompassed the possibilities of The Truth
about the use of "handmade paper" quite nicely...

Handmade paper is just one kind or quality of paper, so it is important
to remember the structural needs/requirements for any paper being used
in a photographic process, alternative or otherwise.

So it IS possible to use handmade paper for alternative processes so
long as the structural qualities of said paper meet the requirements of
the photographic process in question. Soft, highly absorbent "waterleaf"
paper is probably not a good material to use for multi-exposure gum
printing, eh? Heavily-pressed and calendared paper might be great for Pt/Pd.

Hope this helps,


> My mind might be failing me but didn't Ernestine Ruben
> make gum prints on handmade paper? I might be wrong
> but I thought that I saw them at the John Stevenson
> Gallery around 1999 or 2000.
> Judy, do you remember seeing these prints? I think
> there were only a handful of gum prints on handmade
> paper, the majority of the images were PT/PD.
> Where's my ginko? If I can only remember where I
> placed the bottle.
> I don't mean to imply that making gum on handmade
> papers easy/doable (and certainly not something to try
> before you've got the gum process under control -- or
> as much control as possible), but....
> Okay off to search for the Jersey Devil and Nessie.
> Stuart
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