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Date: 10/26/04-03:16:13 PM Z
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There's a wonderful platinum print by Ernestine Ruben made on handmade paper
in Christopher James' book "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes"
page 173. The author says "...handmade papers are generally inadequate
substrates for alternative process work due to the abuses of long water and
chemical immersion times..." My understanding is that the solution lies on
finding a way to treat "fragile" paper (good sizing? plexi support? also see
Post Factory Photography #9 p. 47 for an interesting way that can be used to
support fragile sheets - although I'm not sure if this applies to handmade
paper). James says Fabriano Esportazione is an (exceptionally) wonderful
handmade paper for alt. processes.

Hope this (little) info will help.


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> Hello all,
> I have been lurking around this list for over a year now, gathering
> knowledge and inspiration.
> I am interested in a few processes (pt/pd, gum and bromoil), but I was
> wondering if anyone had managed to use homemade paper of some sort as a
> receptor?
> I make my own paper (of varying quality) and would like to know if anyone
> has managed to produce any reasonable prints on their own (or someone
> else's) handmade paper.
> Thanks,
> Alistair
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