Re: UV Densitometers

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/26/04-08:39:45 AM Z
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There are three densitometers that I know of that will read UV light.
They are the X-Rite 361-T, the X-Rite 369 and the Gretag D-200-II.
The Gretag requires an accessory UV tube (very expensive).

I believe a spectrophotometer could also be adapted to read UV film
densities but have never done it myself.

Sandy King

>Mark Nelson made mention a few days ago re measurements using a UV
>densitometer. Does anyone have recommendations as to which of the
>densitometers available will measure UV transmission specifically
>and also if this is within the spectrum generated by the NuArc metal
>halide bulbs?
>Thanks for the help.
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