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Well, the digital negative books assumes that you know how to create
a good computer image file, from which you would like to create a negative.

You can work through his book, and get the calibration down, but you
are eventually going to have to figure out photoshop skills.

I am afraid that any book will probably give you a lot of stuff about
photoshop that is not applicable to what you are probably trying to
achieve- at least that has been my experience.

You should learn how to get really good scans of your negatives (or photos),
that retain all the shadow detail, and highlight detail.

Learn the difference between 8 bit and 16 bit scanning (and editing), and
why you want 16 bit (or maybe 48bit, if scanning mono as color).

I am assuming that you want to do monochromatic prints, so learn all the
tricks and tips about adjusting contrast, using the levels and curve tools,
as well as perhaps some tools to assist with spotting your images. Learn
how to sharpen properly. If you have Photoshop CS, Mark's book includes
info on sharpening that I think applies only to CS.

These are the main bullet points of the photoshop skills you
will probably need to work on at the onset.

Scanning and image editing is somewhat of
an art form, so don't be discouraged if you first results aren't perfect!

Hope that helps a bit...


On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 10:33:59PM -0700, Ehud Yaniv wrote:
> Precision Digital Negatives.
> His site is
> Good book from what I know. I have only read part of it which is why I am
> asking my question.
> Oody
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> Sorry if this has been covered but what is the name of Mark Nelson's
> book that is referred to below?
> Thanks
> Mike Frankel
> Hi all,
> I have finally bought all the parts to make digital negatives. I have a
> shiny new Nikon Coolscan V ED film scanner, an Epson 1280 printer, Photoshop
> CS, an new Wacom tablet, and 512 mb. of additional ram. I even have Mark
> Nelson's book.
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