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I hit mine with the hair dryer for a minute and it dries fine.

> From: Don Bryant <>
> Date: 2004/10/23 Sat PM 05:16:25 GMT
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> Subject: RE: Crystal Clear Film and Epson 2200
> Sandy,
> > Fast breaking news. I just tried to print the negative I made last
> > evening on the Crystal Clear Film with the Epson 2200. I thought it
> > was dry last evening, but as it turns out it had not completely dried
> > even today, and while printing with the vacuum frame parts of the
> > negative came off and stuck to the sensitized paper, which was very
> > dry. So back to the drawing board to determine how long it takes to
> > completely dry the material. Or perhaps some form of speed drying
> > might work, say a few seconds in the microwave?
> The microwave trick may work but I suspect you'll need a large one for 13x19
> sized media.
> RH here is about 45-50%. I've keep my last negative tucked away in a drawer
> over night and it feels dry to the touch this morning 9 hours later except
> for the black step wedge which still feels slightly damp and abrades fairly
> easily. The RGB and CMY step tablets all seem to be very dry.
> I'll look at it later today and check it then. A negative may very well need
> a full day to cure. The upshot of that is this material may not be optimum
> for use in a workshop setting and some kind of drying rack may be required
> since multiple sheets can't be stacked.
> Don
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