Digital Negatives

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Date: 10/23/04-11:19:56 PM Z
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Hi all,

I have finally bought all the parts to make digital negatives. I have a
shiny new Nikon Coolscan V ED film scanner, an Epson 1280 printer, Photoshop
CS, an new Wacom tablet, and 512 mb. of additional ram. I even have Mark
Nelson's book.

Now, I am good at following instructions so I will have little problem with
Mark's book. My question is, however, should I make a great effort to learn
Photoshop first. I have Photoshop Artistry and can work through it before
tackling Mark's book.

I have some, limited, Photoshop experience.

I guess it comes down to how steep does my learning curve need to be. I am
quite computer literate having sold the machines about 6 years ago.

Can I jump to Mark's book and be one step closer to the UV box or must I do
this step by step.


PS: Once I have some negatives, I will be able to start learning
alt-processes. I plan on starting with Cyanotypes.

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