RE: Crystal Clear Film and Epson 2200

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/23/04-01:51:45 PM Z
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Well, I have a very wide micrwave that will easily accept the 13X19" size.

I already gave this a try. I placed a sheet of newspaper over the
grill, and the film on top of that, and gave it three separate
30-second blasts. The film is dry to the touch but I am going to give
it another 24 hours to dry before I try to print it, to be on the
safe side.

Wonder why the Crystal Clear Film take so much longer to dry than Pictorico?


>The microwave trick may work but I suspect you'll need a large one for 13x19
>sized media.
>RH here is about 45-50%. I've keep my last negative tucked away in a drawer
>over night and it feels dry to the touch this morning 9 hours later except
>for the black step wedge which still feels slightly damp and abrades fairly
>easily. The RGB and CMY step tablets all seem to be very dry.
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