RE: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/23/04-01:16:44 AM Z
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> Sorry, I've been not following the thread closely. Why are we trying to
> find something every bit as good as Pictorico when there is still
> Pictorico
> (and AccuArt2 as it is now being called on the roll)?

In my case $$$, I'm unemployed now and every penny counts. But besides that,
and most importantly I feel uncomfortable depending on a single supplier. As
you have just alluded, not all sizes of OHP are still available in sheet
sizes. Of course the UCF only goes up to a 13x19.

> Is it that the PDN System, being based on spectral density, doesn't
> require
> the higher capacity to hold ink which Pictorico OHP stock offers?

The amount of ink required depends on the DR of the process. Pictorico's
micro porous ceramic coating encapsulates the ink better and does allow for
higher ink loads and quicker drying. As I said, it is nice to have an
alternative supplier.

But since you are using a 7600, OHP maybe the best choice since it is
available in rolls. I think UCF maybe purchased in roll sizes too.

I've said it once already today, I don't understand why Agfa doesn't market
Select Jet here in the US. More competition should be good for the consumer.

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