RE: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/22/04-10:16:01 PM Z
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>> It has now dried.
>And how long was that do you think?

Took about 30 minutes, but I hit it with a hair dryer for a couple of
minutes right after it came out of the printer, on high heat.

>Hmmm, I've just reviewed Mark's printer driver setup instructions and the
>driver is set as he outlined. I've also selected Premium Semi-Gloss to
>reduce the ink output. My last PEP test came out pretty good although I
>still had pizza wheel tracking show up in the black ink step wedge. I've
>made a minor adjustment; perhaps that will solve that.

The color of the ink could well be the difference. I have only tried
the emerlad green color on the 2200, not black ink. BTW, what is a

>What position is your paper thickness lever set? Mine is pulled all the way
>forward for thin media, the default position I guess you could say.

It is set to the default position, for thin media.


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