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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/19/04-09:12:52 PM Z
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>Sandy and Don, is it possible you could both print a side by side
>black ink only neg with a colored ink only neg and see what kind of
>print both produce in pt/pd or kallitype? That would be really
>interesting, and it'll be a cold day in hell before I get to pt/pd
>print anytime soon.
Thanks, you guys, for testing this.


Hi Chris,

I actually already tested this and developed a curve for palladium
printing printing a neutral tone image with the Epson 2200. This is
done by converting the file to RGB mode, then desaturating it and
printing in automatic mode with color inks checked with your Print
Space set to ColorMatch RGB . This produces a very neutral tone
negative that looks black and white but is really made up of a mix of
the colors. The only problem is that this mix of inks produces more
contrast than is necessary for palladium printing, the result being
that the adjustment curve has to be very steep, much steeper than if
your make the beautiful emerald green negatives that result from
Mark's PDN system.

I would not advise printing with the Black Ink selected. This will
work but the transition of tones will not be as smooth as if you
print with Color selected with the file desaturated. Alternatively
you might convert the file from RGB to Grayscale and print in color
and get the same result. I did this with the Epson 2000P and made
nice negatives that way.


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>Subject: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200
>>I just thought I would report to the list my results of testing Ultrafine
>>Clear Film (thanks to Christina Anderson who gave me six sheets to evaluate)
>>and the Epson 2200.
>>This afternoon I printed Mark Nelson's Printer Evaluation Palette using the
>>Premium Luster media setting printed at 1440 DPI. Unfortunately I had exit
>>roller marks show up on the film just as others have reported. Additionally
>>after 4 hours of drying the inks still can be smudged and the dreaded pizza
>>wheel tracks are there too.
>>I know someone posted a link showing a method for lifting the rollers up off
>>of the substrate. Can someone point me to that web page again? I think that
>>this substrate is usable, the PEP is very sharp and with an over night
>>drying time the ink smudging could be eliminated. Of course the pizza wheel
>>tracks may be a problem that can't be fixed.
>>The first sheet got chewed up as it fed underneath the print head; on the
>>second sheet I used a piece of inkjet paper to support the film which then
>>did feed properly.
>>Don Bryant
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