Re: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/19/04-07:53:32 PM Z
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Hi Don,

Thanks for the report. I was just about to run some of this material
through the printer myself and your message has caused me to delay
until at least such time as I correct the "dreaded pizza wheel"


>I just thought I would report to the list my results of testing Ultrafine
>Clear Film (thanks to Christina Anderson who gave me six sheets to evaluate)
>and the Epson 2200.
>This afternoon I printed Mark Nelson's Printer Evaluation Palette using the
>Premium Luster media setting printed at 1440 DPI. Unfortunately I had exit
>roller marks show up on the film just as others have reported. Additionally
>after 4 hours of drying the inks still can be smudged and the dreaded pizza
>wheel tracks are there too.
>I know someone posted a link showing a method for lifting the rollers up off
>of the substrate. Can someone point me to that web page again? I think that
>this substrate is usable, the PEP is very sharp and with an over night
>drying time the ink smudging could be eliminated. Of course the pizza wheel
>tracks may be a problem that can't be fixed.
>The first sheet got chewed up as it fed underneath the print head; on the
>second sheet I used a piece of inkjet paper to support the film which then
>did feed properly.
>Don Bryant
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