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How, exactly, do you define this "optical assembly". . . . What IS it?
I don't really give a hoot about its intended application, but I might
give several hoots for its potential UNintended applications.

Come on. . . . share with the list. . . . What is it?


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On Oct 18, 2004, at 7:13 PM, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

> From: PhotoGecko Austin <>
> Subject: Re: Little lens AND Toy cameras
> Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:01:08 -0500
>> These are only made for 35mm models, but we're having great fun with
>> the one we bought last week. Kris, this might be just what you're
>> looking for!
> I just got an optical assembly which I can put in front of an existing
> camera lens to make the image fu*ked up like toy cameras. This optics
> is given a decent product name but I won't call it by its name because
> it's very crappy for its intended application. This is very nice,
> however, because I can put it on a digicam to take Halloween party
> pictures, on a 35mm SLR to burn a film with silly things, and on a MF
> camera for somewhat more serious work.
> I jsut got this and didn't figure out the best way to work with it.
> But here are some examples I just took on my desk:
> I can adjust the degree of blur and distortion by changing the
> aperture of the main lens as well as the axis of mounting this optic
> in front of a regular lens. This "toy adapter" doesn't have any
> controllable dial.
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> Ryuji Suzuki
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