Re: Little lens AND Toy cameras

From: PhotoGecko Austin ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/17/04-10:01:08 PM Z
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WOW! --are adapters available to fit this lens on my Mamiya 645's . .
. ?


Seriously, I just bought a funky little lens that some of you might
like. Take a look:

These are only made for 35mm models, but we're having great fun with
the one we bought last week. Kris, this might be just what you're
looking for!

Best to all,

John Campbell
PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
1413 South First Street
Austin, Tx 78704

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On Oct 17, 2004, at 4:16 PM, John Cremati wrote:

> This is a very interesting little lens.!!
> John Cremati
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