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From: Robert W. Schramm ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/16/04-08:25:14 PM Z
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D-23 Developer

Solution A
Water @ 49oC 750 cc
Elon (Metol) 7.5 gm
Sodium Sulfate 100 gm
Water to make 1000 cc

Solution B
Water @ 49oC 1000 cc
Kodalk (sodium metaborate) 10 g.

Use distilled water

Immurse plate in solutioon A for about 5 min. at 20 o C
Agitate for 5 sec every 30 sec.

Then immurse plate in solution B for 3 min. at 20 oC
Agitate for 5 sec. every 30 sec.

Agitation is very important especially in solution B or streaking
will occur.

Note that 20 oC is room temperature. I have found that the times and
temperatures are not critical.

Other sources suggest a developing time of 9-14 minutes in A and
3 minutes in B.

Good luck with this.

Bob Schramm
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&gt;From: Timo Sund &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Re: Developing dryplates
&gt;Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 11:19:09 +0300
&gt;IŽd be intersted.
&gt;Robert W. Schramm wrote:
&gt;&gt;Since it is independent of time and temperature (more or less) I
&gt;&gt;believe I would try a two-solution developer such as DIAFINE or
&gt;&gt;D-23 which is no longer commercially available but I can give you
&gt;&gt;the formula if you want it.
&gt;&gt;Bob Schramm
&gt;&gt;Check out my web page at:
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;From: Timo Sund &amp;lt;;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Subject: Developing dryplates
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:24:36 +0300
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;This question come up to me as one friend bought old
&gt;&gt;platecamera and
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;it included several exposed dryplates undeveloped. They are
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;80years old. How he should develope them?
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Timo Sund
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&gt;Timo Sund
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