My first Ziatype print.

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/16/04-11:12:51 AM Z
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(This is the cropped version, the original is 11"x11" square format; the
scanner wasn't big enough to scan the print as one piece)

* The digital negative was printed on Photowarehouse Ultrafine transparency
using Conetech Selenium Piezotone quadblack inks.

* Paper was Whatman HP treated with 1.5% oxalic acid (which seems to not
change anything; dmax didn't improved. So, I probably won't use oxalic acid
anymore - now it looks like a loss of time to me).

* Used 2ml coating solution to coat an 11"x11" area (20% less than Clay's
recommendation of 0.2ml per 10 square inches), used a 40mm Magic Brush.
Coating solution was: 25 drops AFO, 25 drops Li2PdCl4 and 1 drop 1.5%
Ammonium Dichromate.

* Exposed for 2:30 using 40W Philips actinic fluorescent lightbulbs placed
2" above the printing frame glass.

* Developed in 2-4% citric acid.

The print has some white spots due to the damaged negative (there were
stucked paper fibers on the negative - because the previous trial was
exposed too early!). How I can spot these?

Thanks to those who provided helpful and valuable information.

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