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Date: 10/16/04-09:31:48 AM Z
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Yes, would like to try the PW material.

The Epson transparency material is about a dollar per sheet in
8.5X11" size, but as far as I know that is the only size available.
I am just about to coat and print the negative that I made last
evening so will let everyone know the result sometime today.


>Sandy, do you want some sheets of PW material? I can bring them to
>your office (what an unforeseen benefit of SC--both Sandy King and
>Sam Wang on the same campus!). Then you can answer for me
>definitively if it works for pt/pd and kallitype. I sent some to
>Don, too, when I sent him my gum prints for this traveling portfolio.
>One correction I said in the past: I was talking about this Office
>Max substrate that felt like the PW material. I take that back. It
>prints fine, but inconsistently at times. Unfortunately, I found
>this out too late, until after I had printed my image. I thought I
>had unevenly coated my cyanotype solution, but when checking the
>negative it is there. Since it doesn't crop up all the time, I
>guess the substrate is somewhat suitable, as long as you check your
>negs before printing. But on one neg I had spots of less density
>sprinkled throughout, on another neg a streak of less density. I do
>not get such inconsistency with the PW material. The only problem I
>have had with the PW is the time when it was loaded incorrectly and
>I would be really interested to find out if your workflow fits with the PW.
>Also, what size and what price is the Epson material?
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>>For what it is worth I just printed a digital negative with the
>>Epson 2200 on Epson Ink Jet transparency material. It was a
>>spectral negative designed using Mark Nelson's PDN system, emerald
>>green and prints with an effective density range of about 1.80,
>>calibrated for my kallitype and palladium printing.
>>As best I can determine the negative looks to be as good as any I
>>have made on Pictorico. The pigmented ink dried nicely and I see no
>>sign at all of banding or lines from the rollers picking up wet
>>ink. Final proof will be the print but just looking at the negative
>>I am very confident that it will print as well as Pictorico.
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