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I'm assuming he's also analyzing a control sample of gum that has never been
"adulterated" to ensure there wasn't any Cr contamination in the original
gum, or if there was, how great it was?


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I wrote all the above on Sept 28; since then the chemist has thoroughly
combusted the practice sample, ensuring first that all the material
stays in the crucible during combusion. He weighed the resulting ash,
and has done some initial analyses and determined that he wants to
adjust the furnace temperature higher since he got some irrelevant
inorganics in the ash that would be burned off with a higher temperature
and make for a cleaner analysis. (I hope I'm not putting words in his
mouth; that's not exactly what he said but it's the impression I got
from what he said.)

At any rate, all of this is preliminary, there aren't any actual results
to report yet, but I thought it might be interesting for non-scientists
to see some of the process that scientists go through to set up an
Hope that answers your question,
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