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Date: 10/14/04-11:34:51 AM Z
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Thank you, Katharine.

Regarding the spam issue, apparently, my mail server was added very
recently. The only problem is that it is one of Earthlink's main mail
servers, so this will affect a huge number of people. And although I'm
covered up in spam--I receive ~800 messages per day that are caught by my
personal spam filter--I think the blacklisting services, like SpamCop, cause
more problems than they solve.


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Subject: Re: Graphic Arts Lamps (for KT or anyone else who cares to answer)

Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Katharine,
> Do you know the brand name and/or model number of the bulb you are using
> expose your prints?

I use the GE photoflood #2 bulbs labeled EVB. Use in a heavy-duty
porcelain socket, because although I don't find that it generates heat
in the print, the bulb does generate quite a lot of heat at its base.

I seem to get better results (to my eye) using sunlight
> to expose both platinum and gum than I do with my bank of fluorescent
> and I'm considering trying a setup like you use, if it isn't going to cost
> an arm and a leg to rig it up. From what I have heard/read, your light
> source yields a print similar to that exposed with sunlight, but you don't
> have the heat and changing light output issues.

Hmm, I don't know about that, but since I don't know different I guess
I'll have to take your word for it.

> BTW, I'm writing through the list because SpamCop is blocking my e-mail
> directed to you.

That's annoying, to know that I'm missing real mail. Your server must
have been blacklisted recently, maybe?
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