Digi Sep neg not in register

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/13/04-03:14:03 PM Z
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Hans and Chia,
     I read this message a while ago, and since it had never happened before
I deleted the message.

     Today I printed an image (11x17) and with my third printing the paper
had mysteriously stretched over 1/8 inch, and in an odd off register way.

      I put two and two together (after I printed the sucker), after having
read your message. Sure enough, when I superimposed all the negs, the green
channel negative was a different size, but ALSO it was crooked edged. Then
I remembered, that this was the sheet that did not feed through the printer
straight and got slightly hung up.

     From now on I will make sure all negs register before printing. This
is with a 2200, not your printer, and it probably doesn't even answer your
particular problem, but is it possible the substrate is not feeding through
correctly in your printer, too, or does this always happen with just that
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