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Date: 10/12/04-06:50:18 AM Z
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Another mistake for the books:

When I sized my paper a couple weeks ago (the glyoxal batch) I had forgotten
to add the Everclear to one batch of the mix to prevent bubble formation. I
cavalierly added a good dash to the tray, and watched with horror as it
immediately shot through a couple of the pieces of paper that were on the
top of the pile in the gelatin. Last night I printed cyanotype over one of
the pieces just to see what would happen, and it is hilarious. Exactly
where the Everclear was, the cyanotype has grabbed on and printed deeply.
In the highlights where the cyanotype shouldn't print, the spots did not
release the chartreuse color of the cyano solution, so those spots are dark

Maybe I'm onto a new technique--the Everclear Magic Print?

Makes me wonder what it does to my stomach when I drink it after sizing...
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