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It's been a crazy month. I finally got some time to dig my lith file.

The classic, must read on lith processing:

Yule, J. A. C. 1945. Formaldehyde-hydroquinone developers and
infectious development. Journal of the Franklin Institute, 239,
221--230. Includes photographs of dots developed in various
combinations of chemistry, exposure, and agitation.

Other relevant papers:

Yamada, K. Kawano, K., Hirano, S. and Katoh, K. 1999. The development
of new nucleating agents for the low-pH graphic arts
system. J. Imaging Sci. Tech., 43, 103--110.

Ji, S., Ma, F, Ren, X. 1991. A discussion on problems concerning the
lith effect and development pattern. J. Photo. Sci. 39, 28--32.

Stauffer, R. E., Smith, W. F., Trivelli, A. P. H. 1944. The influence
of photographic developers containing hydrazine upon the
characteristic curves of photographic materials. I. Jounrnal of the
Franklin Institute, 238. 291--8.

Zwicky, H. 1985. The mechanism of lith development. J. Photo. Sci.,
33, 36--40.

Lazaridis, C. N. 1976. Hydroquinone oxidation in lithographic developers.
Photogr. Sci. Engr., 20, 20--23.

Herbert, G. 1976. Mathematical model for the principal course of lith
development. Photogr. Sci. Engr. 20, 82--88.
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