Re: Gum - gelatin sizing or not?

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Date: 10/09/04-05:46:54 AM Z
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Sorry, I referred to an old demo on my website and then forgot the URL:
> Dwayne Sandall wrote:
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> > Hi all,
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> > Just a quick check in with you more experienced folk. I have heard
> > mixed opinions on gelatin sizing for gum. Curious to hear your
> > opinions, or is the need more related to paper choice or pigment
> > choice? Or does the size of the finished print have a role as well?
> Hi Dwayne,
> You're going to hear the same mixed opinions here as you apparently have
> heard elsewhere, but here's my 2cents: I sized in the beginning because
> all the instructions said to size, but one day I printed some tricolor
> prints without sizing and found that they printed beautifully without
> it, and for the most part haven't sized since. The one paper I've sized
> since then was Fabriano Uno, since I found that without sizing its DMax
> was unacceptable, and even with sizing, it was pretty lame. You can see
> what I mean by looking at a demonstration I put up some months ago about
> glutaraldehyde that is still sitting on my website. Look at the at the
> difference between gum test prints on Lana paper (the upper set of test
> prints) compared to the same mix printed on the Fabriano Uno below.
> (Don't pay any attention to the graininess, which is a function of the
> glutaraldehyde, but look at the tonal scale of the print). So yes, I'd
> agree that paper choice can in some cases dictate sizing.
> I wouldn't say that pigment choice has any bearing on the need for
> sizing, nor would I say that size of the print has any bearing, as I've
> printed up to 30x40 without sizing.
> Katharine Thayer
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