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> I do have a place to post it, but is it permissible? Theoretically I
> think the copyright is 75 years after the author's death. Am I going
> to get into trouble by posting it?

In the US, work published before 1 January 1923 is in public domain
but anything newer won't enter public domain until 2019, except for
the work whose copyright expired sometime in the past, thanks to Sonny
Bono "Micky Mouse Protection Act" passed in 1998 rather quietly, when
everyone's attention was on Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

The purpose of the Bonno Act was to extend the copyright so that
characters, films, etc. whose copyrights are owned by corporations
like Walt Disney would not enter public domain while they are still

I leave it without my opinion, but photographers, writers, musicians,
and artists of any branch are encouraged to google these keywords to
find out about issues of current copyright situation.

Ryuji Suzuki
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