Re: recipe for fine-line developer?

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Date: 10/06/04-07:21:42 AM Z
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I have the recipe, though I looked through my files yesterday but couldn't
find it. When/if I find it, I will post it.

The other way of getting similar effect with fine line developer is to
dilute kodalith and do still development (agitate for the first minute and
then let it stand for the remaining development time).

Dave S

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> Subject: Re: recipe for fine-line developer?
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> > Does anyone have a complete MSDS for this product?
> I couldn't find the MSDS at Kodak web site but found these by
> googling.
> This seems to be a variant of D-85 type lith developer. I bet the key
> differences are the free sulfite content through the "sulfite buffer"
> system and the solution pH through the buffering system. Bromide
> concentration may also differ.
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